"Big" Ed Oshana

Name “Big” Ed Oshana Derived stats
Attributes Derived Stats
Agility d10 Pace 6"
Smarts d6 Parry
Strength d6 Toughness
Spirit d6 Charisma 0
Vigor d6 Sanity
Skills ranks Edges + Improvements Hindrances
Boating AG N0 d8 Agility Small
Climbing ST N0 d10 Agility Cautious
Driving AG N0 Trademark Weapon +1 M1903 Quirk – Obsessive about Efficiency
Fighting AG N1 Dig In!
Gambling SM N2
Healing SM N3
Intimidation SP S0
Investigation SM
Knowl: SM
Knowl: SM
Language: English SM FREE
Language: SM
Lockpicking AG
Notice SM
Persuasion SP
Piloting AG
Repair SM
Riding AG
Shooting AG
Stealth AG
Streetwise SM
Survival SM
Swimming AG
Taunt SM
Throwing AG
Tracking SM
Type Range Damage RoF Weight Shots(mag) Carried Ammo Min Str Notes
Equipment Location wt
Total Weight Carried
Weight Limit
Encumbrance Penalty

Before being drafted, Edward (“Big” Ed) Oshana managed the family owned Oshana Sugar Factory in Saginaw, MI where he obsessed over ways to increase throughput. At 5’1" and 110 lbs, “Big” Ed stalked the factory floor for over 17 years like a relentless ferret, sniffing out bottlenecks, scrap, redundancies and sloth; none of which he can abide.

In both work and recreation, he believes firmly in the mantra “measure twice, cut once”, and he has been hunting pheasant since he was a boy with his cousins and his favored M1903 Springfield rifle.

“Big” Ed views the US Armed Services as a factory that turns raw materials (bullets, bombs, gasoline, etc.) into finished goods (dead Nazis), and he is fiercely committed to optimize the efficiency of this process. Uncle Sam has placed an order and “Big” Ed is determined to fill it.

"Big" Ed Oshana

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