Виктор ОДорин (Viktor 'Odd' Odorin)

Why don't you knock it off with them negative waves?

Attributes Derived Stats
Agility d8 Pace 6"
Smarts d8 Parry 5
Strength d8 Toughness 7 (5 + 2)
Spirit d6 Charisma 0
Vigor d6 Sanity 6
Skills ranks Edges + Improvements Hindrances
Navigation XX D4 N0 Rank Code of Honour
Climbing ST D4 N0 +1d Agility Quirk – Superstitious
Driving AG D4 N0 +1d Smarts All Thumbs
Fighting AG D6 N1
Gambling SM N2
Healing SM N3
Intimidation SP S0
Investigation SM
Knowl: Battle SM D4
Knowl: History SM D4
Language: English SM FREE
Language: Russian SM D4
Lockpicking AG
Notice SM D4
Persuasion SP
Piloting AG
Repair SM
Riding AG
Shooting AG D8
Stealth AG D4
Streetwise SM
Survival SM
Swimming AG D4
Taunt SM
Throwing AG D4
Tracking SM
Type Range Damage RoF Weight Shots(mag) Carried Ammo Min Str Notes
Equipment Location wt
Total Weight Carried
Weight Limit
Encumbrance Penalty

Tall and lanky, the easy going Viktor has a penchant for ostentatious jewelery, wearing religious symbology and speaking surfer which makes him incomprehensible to anyone who didn’t grow up on a west coast beach. Has a knack for growing a beard overnight.


Viktor senior, a Don Cossack, fought with the Whites until his capture in 1923. A year later he escaped the prison camp and went on the run with his now pregnant wife Valeriya. Not wishing the horror of war to further curse his family, he bought passage for his wife on a merchant steamer heading for the U.S. Viktor stayed behind to continue the fight but was reportedly captured and killed.

Arriving in the U.S. the deeply spiritual Valeriya ‘followed the signs’ and settled in San Diego, California. It is there she gave birth to Viktor and was taken under wing by a former follower of Katherin Tingley’s Theosophical Society that at one point had its HQ outside San Diego at Point Loma.

Viktor was raised in a world unlike his parents’. Instead of singing songs of death and fighting on horseback he was hanging ten and eating hot dogs. He never knew his father but keeps the elder’s prized possession near his heart at all times; a bag with soil taken from the home land.

Viktor is an avid surfer.


Виктор ОДорин (Viktor 'Odd' Odorin)

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