Character Creation

Character creation is standard except for the addition of Sanity:

1) Attributes
Your hero starts with a d4 in each attribute, and has 5 points with which to raise them. Raising an attribute a die type costs 1 point. Read about Attributes before completing your character.

2) Skills
• You have 15 points for skills. Each die type in a skill costs 1 point up to the linked attribute. Going over the linked attribute costs 2 points per level.

3) Edges & Hindrances
• You gain additional points for taking up to one Major Hindrance (2 points) and two Minor Hindrances (1 point each).
• Since you are Human you get an Edge for free
For 2 points you can:
• Gain another attribute point, or
• Choose an Edge

For 1 point you can:
• Gain another skill point, or
• Increase starting funds by 100% ( shouldn’t be necessary for WW2 )

4) Derived Stats
• Calculate and record your derived statistics as listed on the Attributes page
• Charisma, Pace, Parry, Sanity and Toughness are explained on the Attributes page 3)

5) Background
Come up with a history for your character. Was he drafted or did he volunteer? Where is he from? What did he do before the war? What about his family? What kind of personality does he have? Use the Background Questionnaire to help you and me get to know your character better.

5) Choose Service
• For this campaign you will be in the U.S. Army in a rifle squad
• Fulfill “basic training” ( you are required to have both Fighting and Shooting as skills)
• If you plan to be an Officer or NCO you are required to have Knowledge (Battle) as well as one other Knowledge skill appropriate to the position.
• These and other “jobs” are listed here Soldier MOS

6) Gear will be handed out prior to your first mission, but the basics are listed here Army Gear

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Character Creation

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