Character Improvement


As a character gains more Experience Points, he goes up in “Rank.” This is a rough measure of how powerful the hero is not a military rank. As characters progress in experience, new Ranks allow access to more powerful Edges.

Rank Table
Experience Points Rank
0-19 Novice
20-39 Seasoned
40-59 Veteran
60-79 Heroic
80+ Legendary

Every 5 points accumulated grants a hero an Advance.
An Advance lets a character do one of the following:
• Gain a new Edge.
• Increase a skill that is equal to or greater than its linked
attribute by one die type.
• Increase two skills that are lower than their linked
attributes by one die type each.
• Buy a new skill at d4.
• Increase one attribute by a die type.*

*You may only choose this option once per Rank.
No Trait may be raised above a d12 (but see the Professional and Expert Legendary Edges).
Legendary characters may raise an attribute every other Advance.

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Character Improvement

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