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Basic Combat Rules
Combat Help for new players
Various discussion about why certain modifiers are as they are

Before you start putting together your character’s stats and abilities try and come up with a concept. To help come up with a concept I like to browse through the Hindrances and Edges since those are defining attributes. Also in this case think about what made you join the service, what is your family like, how many siblings, maybe even your family heritage answer the Background Questionnaire.

It is suggested that someone take the rank Edge, to have someone in command. Discuss it with the other players, this is what the forums can be used for. If nobody has any desire to have any sort of rank then we can work around it until we are actually in game. So far Andrew has decided to be a Sergeant to lead your squad.

Character Creation

Character Improvement

Information regarding the campaign will be here.
History of the war

Basic Training
US Weapons
US uniform and combat gear
US Military Ranks
Military Alphabet
Soldier MOS (Military Occupational Specialty)
Army Gear
Unit Organization

Specific rules we have needed

Experience Disbursement

A Form fillable character sheet can be found here

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