Specific rules we have needed

Savage Worlds Rules notes ( these items are those rules we have already needed )
Grenade ( AOE ) Page 70
Place burst template
shooting/throwing roll based on range
success means as placed
failure means deviation
- 1d6" x range( 1, 2, 3) for thrown
- 1d10" x range( 1, 2, 3) for fired
- Roll d12, read like clock by attacker’s orientation
- distance can never be greater than half the distance between attacker and target
- Cover provides armor = modifier they would receive from attack
- thrown weapons and artillery give targets who saw the danger an agility roll at -2 to jump of the way.
- note grenades can be thrown back too ( page 51 )

NPC Recovery / Death: Page 78
players roll vigor for wounded allies
success = alive but incapacitated
raise = wounds only superficial, can function normally
more notes in book about walking wounded of incapacitated

Full-Auto: Page 71
RoF 3 or greater = full auto
Shooting roll per each RoF
Recoil -2 shooting when firing Full Auto
Each die roll spends ammo – RoF ( i.e. RoF 3 = 3 rolls = 9 rounds ammo)

Suppressive Fire: Page 71

Snapfre Penalty: Page 49
Certain weapons, such as sniper rifles, are very inaccurate if fred “from the hip” rather than using their excellent sights or scopes. If the character moves in the action he fres, he suffers a –2 penalty.

Falling damage – Page 88
Falling damage is 1d6+1 per 10 feet fallen (round up), to a maximum of 10d6+10. If you’re playing on the table-top, treat every 2” as 10’ for simplicity

Specific rules we have needed

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