Jimmy Lee Timmons

Young redneck, full of piss & vinegar, looking for payback

Name Jimmy Lee Timmons
Attributes Derived stats
Agility d8 Pace 8"
Smarts d4 Parry 5
Strength d8 Toughness 5
Spirit d6 Charisma 0
Vigor d6 Sanity 5
Skills Ranks Edges + Improvements Hindrances
Boating AG N0 Alertness: +2 Notice Clueless: -2 to most Comm Knowledge
Climbing ST d4 N0 Fleet Footed: +2 Pace, d10 running die instead of d6 Illiterate: Hero unable to read, write, do math
Driving AG d4 N0 Loyal: Tries to never betray, disappoint friends
Fighting AG d6 N1 Raised Strength to d8
Gambling SM N2 Raised Shooting to d8, Throwing to d6
Healing SM d4 N3
Intimidation SP S0
Investigation SM
Knowl: SM
Knowl: SM
Language: English SM FREE
Language: SM
Lockpicking AG
Notice SM d6 +2 Alertness
Persuasion SP
Piloting AG
Repair SM d4
Riding AG
Shooting AG d8
Stealth AG d4
Streetwise SM
Survival SM d4
Swimming AG
Taunt SM
Throwing AG d6
Tracking SM d4
Weapon Range ROF Damage AP wt Notes
M1 Garand 24/48/96 1 2d8 9.5
Dagger Str+d4 1
Bayonet (extra reach) Str+d4/6 1
Rifle Grenade 10/20/40 2d6+1 1 4
Frag Grenade 5/10/20 3d6 2
Equipment Location wt
Cigarettes Person 0
Zippo Lighter Person 0
Standard Pack Person 21
Canteen Person 3
Medical Kit Person 5
Rifle Grenade Launcher Person 2
Total Weight Carried Person 57.5
Weight Limit 40
Encumbrance Penalty -1

Jimmy Lee Timmons learned about the bombing of Pearl Harbor and enlisted the following day, shortly after his 19th birthday. He’s a wiry 5’ 8" with about 140 lbs. of lean muscle. Jimmy is generally average looking in his army uniform, with sandy hair, blue eyes and a light complexion.

Back home in West Virginia, he’d probably be sporting worn out work pants or bib overalls, most likely with a t-shirt or flannel, assuming he’s even wearing a shirt.

Born to Bernie and Bobby E. Lee Timmons, his upbringing in an unincorporated area in the WV hills didn’t include formal education. Jimmy is mostly illiterate, but not necessarily stupid. His parents and his grandpa Zeke, who still makes ’shine out in the woods, have taught him the practical knowledge they have. Jimmy and and his family have gotten by with hunting, working manual jobs, and selling some ’shine on the side. The family is dirt poor, but surviving.

Jimmy has younger sisters Maggie and May, a younger brother Billy and had an older brother Bobby Lee, Jr., who died in a coal mine collapse. His family is very close and has been in the WV area for about 30 years. Prior to that, the family had roots in VA. The family has been in the States for probably 7 generations.

Jimmy is very patriotic, despite some lingering feelings regarding the War of Northern Aggression. Upon hearing that a bunch of bastard Chinks attacked us at home, Jimmy was immediately decided that he had to join the fight and get some payback. The Timmons family does attend a nearby Southern Baptist church pretty regularly, but Jimmy was never good with the “turn the other cheek” philosophy.

Like the rest of his immediate family, it’s hard enough to get through the week. Jimmy has no long term goals. He doesn’t even have a steady girlfriend at he moment. Right now, his only goal is to hurt the Axis forces.

Jimmy Lee Timmons

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