Detailed Edges

Background Edges

Academy Graduate
Requirements: Novice, Smarts d6+
Your character is a graduate of one of his country’s prestigious military academies, and among officers is considered part of the “special club.” The extensive regimen of military training has prepared him for combat as well as the rigors of military politics.
This future general adds + 2 Charisma when dealing with “Headquarters”-type officers (rather than field officers) of the same service branch (Army or Navy), in addition to any other bonuses they may have for other social Edges. This officer also ignores the Rank requirement for Leadership Edges.
Unfortunately, most enlisted troops have a dim view of “ringknockers” and his Charisma is at –2 with enlisted soldiers until he reaches the rank of Captain. Such malcontents will frequently disobey orders and cause mayhem when they can get away with it.
Requirements: Novice
Not much gets by your hero. He’s very observant and perceptive, and adds + 2 to his Notice rolls to hear, see, or otherwise sense the world around him.
Requirements: Novice, Agility d8+
Your hero is as deft with his left hand as he is with his right. Characters normally suffer a –2 penalty when performing physical tasks with the off-hand (characters are assumed to be right-handed). With this Edge, your warrior ignores the –2 penalty for using his off-hand (see page 75).
Arcane Exposure
Requirements: Novice, Smarts d8+
At some point in the past your character had an encounter with the supernatural. Maybe it was the haunted house he spent the night in on a dare, or perhaps he read strange tomes from the locked trunk in grandpa’s attic and learned something he shouldn’t have. However it happened, your character has a sense that strange and fearsome things really do exist in this world, and unlike many, this knowledge has made him stronger. Add + 2 to Sanity, and + 2 to fear rolls caused by supernatural events.
Arcane Resistance
Requirements: Novice, Spirit d8+
This individual is particularly resistant to magic (including psionics, weird science, etc.), whether by nature or by heritage. He acts as if he had 2 points of Armor when hit by damage-causing arcane powers, and adds + 2 to his Trait rolls when resisting opposed powers. Even friendly arcane powers must subtract this modifier to affect the resistant hero.
Improved Arcane Resistance
Requirements: Novice, Arcane Resistance
As above but Armor and resistance are increased to 4.
Requirements: Novice, Vigor d6+
It’s no secret that beautiful people have an easier time getting their way in life. This Edge grants your beautiful or handsome character + 2 to Charisma.
Very Attractive
Requirements: Novice, Attractive
Your hero is drop-dead gorgeous. His Charisma is increased to + 4.
Requirements: Novice
Immediately after suffering a wound (including a Shaken result from physical damage), your hero must make a Smarts roll or go Berserk.
While Berserk, his Parry is reduced by 2 but he adds + 2 to all Fighting, Strength, melee damage rolls, and Toughness. The warrior ignores all wound modifiers while Berserk, but cannot use any skills, Edges, or maneuvers that require concentration, including Shooting and Taunt, but not Intimidation.
Berserkers attack with reckless abandon. Anytime his Fighting die is a 1 (regardless of his Wild Die), he hits a random adjacent target (not the original target). The attack may hit friend as well as foe. If there are no other adjacent targets, the blow simply misses.
The Berserker may end his rage by doing nothing (not even moving) for one full action and making a Smarts roll at –2.
Requirements: Novice, Spirit d6+
Those with this Edge have learned to master their fear. Or perhaps are so jaded or emotionally distant they’ve just lost their normal “fight or flight” responses. Either way, your hero adds + 2 to Fear tests. If the character is in a setting that uses Guts as a Setting Rule, it adds to that as well.
Requirements: Novice, Strength and Vigor d6+
Your bruiser is very large or perhaps just very fit. His bulk resists damage better than most and adds + 1 to his Toughness. In addition, the character can carry more than most proportional to his Strength. He can carry 8 times his Strength in pounds without penalty instead of the usual 5 times his Strength.
College Boy
Requirements: Novice, Smarts d8+
This soldier spent some time in college before being drafted or enlisting. He has an additional 4 skill points to spend on any Smartsrelated skills. At least one of these must be a Knowledge skill at d6 or better (his Major).
Fast Healer
Requirements: Novice, Vigor d8+
Some individuals just seem to heal faster than others. Those with this blessing add + 2 to Vigor rolls when checking for natural healing. See page 78 for complete rules on Healing.
Requirements: Novice, Agility d6+
The hero’s Pace is increased by + 2 and he rolls a d10 instead of a d6 when running.
Requirements: Novice, Smarts d6+, Spirit d6+, Vigor d8+, Fighting d8+, Shooting d8+
This veteran has already “seen the elephant” and survived it. He begins play Seasoned to represent his previous experience, and his military rank is two grades higher than normal.
Grizzled soldiers get four Advances immediately upon character creation, just as if they had earned 20 Experience Points. The price is that the advancements must be repaid. The next 20 Experience Points your hero earns are forfeited to pay back the debt.
An enlisted character with this Edge begins at E–3. Combining Grizzled with Rank (NCO) begins at E–7. A character who combines Grizzled with Rank (Officer) begins at O–3. See the Rank Tables for rank grades and titles for different nationalities.
Requirements: Novice, Smarts d6+
The character has an ear for languages and a rare talent for recognizing similarities between them. A character with this Edge starts with a number of languages equal to his Smarts die, and can make a Smarts roll at –2 to make herself understood in any language or dialect she has heard spoken for at least a week.
Requirements: Novice
The adventurer seems to be blessed by fate, karma, the gods, or whatever external forces he believes in (or believe in him!) He draws one extra Benny at the beginning of each game session, allowing him to succeed at important tasks more often than most, and survive incredible dangers.
Great Luck
Requirements: Novice, Luck
The player draws two extra Bennies instead of one at the start of each session.
National Identity
Requirements: Novice,Wild Card
The soldiers of each nation in the war had an “identity” associated with them. Americans were “lucky,” British were “plucky,” and the Russians seemed fatalistic for most of the conflict. Soldiers with this Edge are what make this identity iconic, and may choose one of the special abilities below.
Over 100 nations fought in World War II but only a few are listed below. If your warrior is from a nation not represented here (such as Greece, the Philippines, Romania, etc.), you may choose any of the abilities listed below after discussing it with the War Master to ensure it fits the national stereotype. Of course you might also make up an appropriate effect with the War Master’s permission.
• British Pluck: The British “stiff upper lip” made them incredibly resilient under even the most dreadful circumstances. “Tommys” add + 2 to Spirit rolls made to resist Fear, Intimidation, or arcane powers. It does not add to Spirit rolls made to recover from being Shaken.
• Canadian Heart: The young nation of Canada was the first of the Commonwealth nations to join England in their war on Germany. Their soldiers are eager to prove themselves, and get + 3 on trait and damage rolls when dealt a Joker rather than + 2.
• French Élan: Those French who resisted their Germans occupiers were at terrible risk. Spies were shot on sight while those seen as collaborators would find themselves quietly targeted by their neighbors. Learning to live under such circumstances was only possible with incredible spirit. If a Frenchman with this Edge spends a benny to make a roll, he rerolls any result of 1. Note that this is different than the Élan Edge (page 20), though the two work together for particularly proud individuals.
• Polish Pride: Poles suffered terribly under Nazi occupation. Though their home army was defeated in the Blitzkrieg of ’39, they later fielded resistance fighters, special forces (such as those who accompanied British forces at Operation Market Garden), and entire divisions in France and Africa. The desire to regain their country makes these fighters extremely resilient. Polish characters add + 1 to their Toughness (after 1939).
• Soviet Fatalism: Many “Ivans” seemed resigned to inevitable suffering, whether in the trenches, in captivity, or back at the collective farm. Yet they struggled on, even while waiting for the British and Americans to re-ignite the Western Front. Soviet characters with this Edge are somewhat numb to their fate and ignore one level of wound modifier.
• US Luck: The rest of the world couldn’t help but see the smiling American GI as extremely fortunate. Lady Luck often smiled on the “Yanks” in combat as well. Whenever the character spends a benny, roll a d6. On a 6, he gets the benny back immediately (it may even be spent on the same roll he spent the first one on).
Requirements: Novice
Those born of noble blood have many perks in life, but often have just as many responsibilities. Nobles have high status in their societies, are entitled to special treatment from their foes, gain + 2 Charisma, and also have the Rich Edge. This gives the hero several Edges for the price of one, but the responsibilities more than offset the additional perks. Nobles often have troops under their control, as well as land, a family home, and other assets. All of this must be determined by the GM, and balanced by the grave responsibilities the character faces.
As an example, a character in a fantasy campaign might have a company of swordsmen, a small keep, and even a magical sword he inherited from his father. But he also has an entire region to manage, criminals to judge, justice to mete out, and a jealous neighbor who covets his lands and constantly plots against him at court.
Requirements: Novice, Agility d8+
Quick characters have lightning-fast reflexes and a cool head. Whenever you are dealt a 5 or lower in combat, you may discard and draw again until you get a card higher than 5. Characters with both the Level Headed and Quick Edges draw their additional card and take the best as usual. If that card is a Five or less, the Quick Edge may be used to draw a replacement until it’s Six or higher.
Requirements: Novice
Whether the individual was born with a silver spoon in his mouth or earned it through hard work, he’s got more money than most. Rich heroes start with three times the normal starting funds for the setting. If a regular income is appropriate for this setting, the hero receives the modern day equivalent of a $150,000 annual salary.
Filthy Rich
Requirements: Novice, Rich or Noble
This character is very wealthy. He has five times the starting funds for the setting and, if appropriate, a yearly income of around $500,000. Wealthier characters should have a very complete background as well. This needs to be worked out with the GM, and comes with many more assets as well as onerous responsibilities.

Combat Edges

Requirements: Seasoned, Fighting d8+
Warriors who engage in frequent hand-to-hand combat are far more skilled in personal defense than most others. They’ve learned not only how to attack, but how to block their opponent’s blows as well. A fighter with this Edge adds + 1 to his Parry.
Improved Block
Requirements: Veteran, Block
As above, but the hero adds + 2 to his Parry.
Blood and Guts
Requirements: Veteran
This warrior has seen his fair share of gore and carnage and grown jaded to it. He automatically passes fear tests caused by gore. In addition, his savagery grants him + 1 damage in bloody close combat.
Requirements: Novice, Str d8+
Frequent fights with his bare hands have given this thug a powerful punch. When he hits a foe with a successful bare-handed Fighting roll, he adds + 2 to his damage.
Requirements: Seasoned, Brawler
When the bruiser gets a raise on his bare-handed Fighting attack, he rolls a d8 instead of a d6.
Requirements: Seasoned
Many of the enemy’s fighting machines are terribly formidable, but well-trained and experienced gunners know just where to aim in order to hit a vehicle’s weak spot. Characters with this Edge may modify vehicle critical hit die rolls result by 1, up or down, when rolling for a critical hit.
Improved Bullseye
Requirements: Heroic
As Bullseye, but the critical can be modified by up to 2 points.
Combat Reflexes
Requirements: Seasoned
Your adventurer recovers quickly from shock and trauma. He adds + 2 to his Spirit roll when attempting to recover from being Shaken.
Requirements: Seasoned, Fighting d8+
Fighters with this Edge know how to respond instantly to an enemy’s mistakes. Once per round, the character receives one free Fighting attack against one adjacent foe who failed a Fighting attack against him. This attack is made at –2, and the Counterattack must be a normal attack (no Disarm, Wild Attack, or other maneuvers), and may not be combined with Frenzy or Sweep. It may be used with the Defend maneuver, but not Full Defense.
Improved Counterattack
Requirements: Veteran, Counterattack
As above but the character may ignore the –2 penalty.
Dig In!
Requirements: Novice, Smarts d6+
This canny grunt is good at making himself small and getting the most out of any cover he is in. While in cover, foes suffer a –1 penalty to any physical attack rolls against him. The hero also adds + 1 to his Toughness against area effect damage as long as he is prone or in cover.
Improved Dig In!
Requirements: Seasoned, Dig In!
As Dig In!, but foes subtract 2 from attack rolls, and the hero gains + 2 Toughness versus area effect attacks if prone or in cover.
Requirements: Seasoned, Agility d8+
Some crafty types know how to get out of harm’s way. This Edge allows them to use cover, movement, and concealment to make them harder to hit. Unless they are the victim of a surprise attack and taken completely unaware, attackers must subtract 1 from their Shooting or Throwing rolls when targeting them.
Characters who attempt to evade area effect attacks may add + 1 to their Agility roll as well (when allowed).
Improved Dodge
Requirements: Veteran, Dodge
As above but attackers subtract 2 from their attack rolls, and the character adds + 2 to evade area effect weapons when allowed.
Requirements: Novice, Spirit d8+
When this spirited hero puts his heart into something it tends to pay off in big ways. When you spend a Benny on a Trait roll (including Soak rolls), add + 2 to the final total.
Requirements: Novice, Agility d8+
When a character normally withdraws from a melee, his attacker gets a free attack before he does so—a very dangerous proposition for most. Your hero is adept at retreating from an engagement.
Make an Agility roll. If successful, one opponent doesn’t get a free attack anytime you disengage (see page 76).
Improved Extraction
Requirements: Novice, Extraction
As above but if you succeed with a raise all opponents currently in melee with the character lose their free attack as your warrior withdraws.
Fire For Effect
Requirements: Novice, Smarts d8+
This soldier has a knack for zeroing in fire support. When calling for artillery with Support Tokens, he reduces all deviation rolls by 2”. Whenever he receives Support Tokens, he gains one additional token.
First Strike
Requirements: Novice, Agility d8+
Once per turn the hero (if not Shaken) gets a free Fighting attack against a single foe who moves adjacent to him. This automatically interrupts the opponent’s action and does not cost the hero his action if he is on Hold or has not yet acted this round.
Improved First Strike
Requirements: Heroic, First Strike
As above but the hero may make one free attack against each and every foe who moves adjacent to him.
Requirements: Novice, Agility d8+, Fighting d8+
A character trained to fight “Florentine” is a master at wielding two weapons at once. He adds + 1 to his Fighting rolls versus an opponent with a single weapon and no shield. In addition, opponents subtract 1 from any “gang up” bonuses they would normally get against the fighter as his two flashing blades parry their blows.
Requirements: Seasoned, Fighting d10+
Frenzied fighters make fast and furious melee attacks, sacrificing finesse for raw speed. This allows them to make an extra Fighting attack per round at a –2 penalty to all Fighting rolls. This attack must be taken at the same time as another Fighting attack though it may target any two foes adjacent to the hero (Wild Cards roll two Fighting dice and one Wild Die). The –2 penalty is subtracted from all attacks. A character armed with two weapons still only makes one extra attack.
Improved Frenzy
Requirements: Veteran, Frenzy
As above but the character may ignore the –2 Frenzy penalty.
Giant Killer
Requirements: Veteran
The bigger they are, the harder they are to kill. At least for most. But your hero knows how to find the weak points in massive creatures.
Your hero does + 1d6 damage when attacking creatures three sizes or more larger than himself. An ogre (Size + 3) with this ability, for example, gains the bonus only against creatures of Size + 6 or greater. A human Giant Killer (Size 0), can claim the bonus against the ogre, however.
Grazing Fire
Requirements: Seasoned, Rock and Roll!, Shooting d8+
This edge allows your character to use a machine gun more effectively in suppressive fire mode. Targets who roll a 1 or 2 on their Spirit checks are hit and take damage.
Hard to Kill
Requirements: Wild Card, Novice, Spirit d8+
This adventurer has more lives than a truckload of cats. When forced to make Vigor rolls due to Incapacitation, he may ignore his wound modifiers. This only applies to Vigor rolls called for to resist Incapacitation or death (see page 68). He still suffers from wound modifiers for other Trait rolls normally.
Harder to Kill
Requirements: Veteran, Hard to Kill
Your hero is tougher to kill than Rasputin. If he is ever “killed,” roll a die. On an odd result, he’s dead as usual. On an even roll, he’s Incapacitated but somehow escapes death. He may be captured, stripped of all his belongings, or mistakenly left for dead, but he somehow survives.
Hose ’Em Down
Requirements: Novice, Shooting d8+
Machine-gunners with this Edge can suppress an area more effectively than the typical gunner. When using a braced medium or heavy machinegun, this killer can suppress an area equal to two Medium Burst templates. The second template must be adjacent to the first (in any direction), and the weapon burns through double its usual amount of ammunition.
Improved Hose ’em Down
Requirements: Seasoned, Hose ’em Down
This edge allows an MG gunner to suppress an area equal to three Medium Burst templates, at triple the usual amount of ammo spent. Each additional template must be adjacent to the first.
Requirements: Seasoned
After a while, many veterans are able to distinguish the sounds of different kinds of artillery fire, both friendly and enemy, and determine if it is “outgoing” or “incoming” mail. Whenever a character with the Incoming! Edge is under artillery attack, he may throw himself prone before the shell impacts, reducing damage from the attack by –2. This is cumulative with Dig In!
Improvisational Fighter
Requirements: Seasoned, Smarts d6+
Heroes often find themselves fighting with pieces of equipment or furnishings not designed for combat. A character with this Edge has a knack for using such improvised weapons, and does not suffer the usual –1 penalty to attack and Parry when wielding them. See page 73 for details.
Killer Instinct
Requirements: Heroic
This hero hates losing. If he ties on an opposed roll of any sort, he wins. In addition, if his skill die on an opposed skill roll is a 1, he can reroll it (but must keep the second result, even if it’s another 1).
Level Headed
Requirements: Seasoned, Smarts d8+
Fighters who can keep their cool when everyone else is running for cover are deadly customers in combat. A hero with this Edge draws an additional Action Card in combat and acts on the best of the draw.
Improved Level Headed
Requirements: Seasoned, Level Headed
As above but the hero draws 3 cards.
Requirements: Seasoned
The hero excels at taking controlled, measured shots. If he does not move in a turn, he may fire as if he took the Aim maneuver. Marksman may never be used with a Rate of Fire greater than 1.
Marksman works with both Shooting and Throwing.
Martial Artist
Requirements: Novice, Fighting d6+
This character is highly trained in hand-to-hand fighting. He is never considered unarmed in combat and so is never subject to the Unarmed Defender rule (page 76). With a successful unarmed attack, he adds + d4 to his Strength roll (as if he were using a small weapon).
Improved Martial Artist
Requirements: Veteran, Martial Arts, Fighting d10+
The character now adds + d6 to his bare-handed damage.
Nerves of Steel
Requirements: Wild Card, Novice, Vigor d8+
Your hero has learned to fight on through the most intense pain. He may ignore 1 point of wound penalties.
Improved Nerves of Steel
Requirements: Novice, Nerves of Steel
The hero ignores 2 points of wound penalties.
No Mercy
Requirements: Seasoned
The character may spend a Benny to reroll any one damage roll, including those made for area effect attacks.
Pickle Barrel
Requirements: Novice, Knowledge (Bombardier) d6+ or Piloting d6+
The primary goal of tactical and strategic bombers is of course, getting their “eggs” (bombs) or “fish” (torpedoes) “in the pickle barrel” (on target). This Edge helps the pilots and aircrew of these kinds of planes do just that. Characters with this Edge receive a + 2 on skill rolls to hit with bombs or torpedoes.
Quick Draw
Requirements: Novice, Agility d8+
This Edge allows a hero to draw a weapon as a free action (and thus ignore the usual –2 multi-action penalty if he chooses to fire as well). If the character must make an Agility roll to draw a weapon (see page 66), he adds + 2 to the roll.
Rock and Roll!
Requirements: Seasoned, Shooting d8+
Some veteran shooters learn to compensate for the recoil of fully automatic weapons. If a character with this Edge does not move, he may ignore the recoil penalty for firing a weapon on full automatic.
Steady Hands
Requirements: Novice, Agility d8+
Your hero ignores the “unstable platform” penalty for firing from the backs of animals or while riding in moving vehicles. In addition, when performing actions while Running (see page 65), his penalty is –1 instead of –2.
Sweep allows a character to make a single Fighting attack and apply it against all currently adjacent targets at a –2 penalty (friends and foes alike—be careful). Resolve each damage roll separately. The attack is applied immediately when rolled and only affects targets adjacent at that time. A character may not use Sweep in the same round she uses Frenzy, nor may she Sweep more than once per round, or with a second weapon held in another hand. In effect, the hero may only perform Sweep once per action unless she somehow gets two entire actions (perhaps under the effects of a spell or power, for example).
Improved Sweep
Requirements: Veteran, Sweep
As above but the hero may ignore the –2 penalty.
Tank Hunter
Requirements: Novice
To an infantryman a tank is a near-invincible, armored, firebreathing monster. To a character with the Tank Hunter Edge, a tank is just a large target.
When attacking armored vehicles, your hunter knows how to hit the weak points and adds + 4 to the AP value of the weapon. This bonus applies to attacks with ranged anti-tank weapons or to closeup weapons like limpet mines, bundles of grenades, and Molotovs.
Improved Tank Hunter
Requirements: Novice, Tank Hunter
The Tank Hunter adds a d6 to any damage roll versus a vehicle with Heavy Armor.
Trademark Weapon
Requirements: Novice, Fighting or Shooting of d10+
The hero knows one unique weapon (Excalibur, Old Betsy, Sting) like the back of his hand. When using that weapon, he adds + 1 to his Fighting, Shooting, or Throwing rolls. A hero can take this Edge multiple times, applying it to a different weapon each time. If a Trademark Weapon is lost, the hero can replace it, but the benefit of the Edge doesn’t kick in for two game weeks.
Improved Trademark Weapon
Requirements: Veteran, Trademark Weapon
As above but the bonus when using the weapon increases to + 2.
Requirements: Novice, Agility d8+
A Two-Fisted hero isn’t ambidextrous—he’s simply learned to fight with two weapons (or both fists) at once. When attacking with a weapon in each hand, he rolls each attack separately but ignores the multi-action penalty (see page 66).

Leadership Edges

A Few Good Men
Requirements: Heroic, Smarts d8+, Command, Inspire
The hero knows how to get the best from the troops at his disposal. When the War Master checks to see which of the commander’s troopers are alive or dead after a battle, he may reroll any failures. This Edge affects up to 12 men (a typical squad), and does not stack if multiple characters have the ability.
If the leader is the overall commander in a Mass Battle, roll a d6 whenever a token is lost. On a 6, the token isn’t lost.
A Few More Good Men
Requirements: Heroic, Smarts d8+, A Few Good Men, Command, Inspire
As A Few Good Men, but the commander can affect up to a platoon’s worth of men (no more than 24).
Art of War
Requirements: Novice, Smarts d8+, Knowledge (Battle) d8+
Some commanders have an intuitive grasp of strategy and tactics. They also have a keen insight into the minds of their enemies and can easily outmaneuver and outfight more mediocre opponents. Characters with the Art of War Edge are the ones whose quotations end up in the history books. Your character adds + 2 to Knowledge (Battle) rolls during Mass Battles.
Requirements: Novice, Smarts d6+
Command is the ability to give clear instructions to surrounding allies and enforce your hero’s will upon them. This makes your character’s compatriots more willing to fight on despite their wounds, and so adds + 1 to their Spirit rolls to recover from being Shaken.
Command Voice (Command Presence)
Requirements: Novice, Command, Rank
A booming voice, effective commands, natural charisma, or simple training results in a much more effective combat element. At the center of that element is the officer in command. A hero with this Edge has a “command radius” of 10” instead of the usual 5”.
Cry Havoc!
Requirements: Veteran, Spirit d8+, Knowledge (Battle) d10+, Command, Fervor
The general has an uncanny knack for knowing when to attack and when to hold back with his troops. Once per Mass Battle, during the Battle Roll Phase, the character may declare a total attack. He must do this before he rolls his Battle die. If he succeeds on his roll and beats his opponent, his enemy loses one extra token.
Death Before Dishonor
Requirements: Veteran, Knowledge (Battle) d10+, Command, Hold the Line The character has led his army to many victories and the men have come to abhor retreat as a stain on their honor. He adds + 2 to Spirit rolls when rolling for his troops’ Morale in a Mass Battle.
Requirements: Veteran, Command, Spirit d8+
A simple phrase uttered by a great leader can sometimes have momentous results. A leader with this ability can inspire his men to bloody fervor by yelling a motto, slogan, or other inspirational words. Those in the command radius add + 1 to their Fighting damage rolls.
Hold the Line!
Requirements: Seasoned, Command, Smarts d8+
This Edge strengthens the will of the men under the hero’s command. The troops add + 1 to their Toughness.
Requirements: Seasoned, Command
Leaders with exceptional reputations and experience in battle inspire the soldiers around them. They add + 2 to Spirit rolls when recovering from being Shaken (this includes the original + 1 bonus for the Command Edge).
Leader of Men
Requirements: Veteran, Command
Command comes easy to this commander. Those under his command work like a well-oiled machine when he’s in charge. Allies under the leader’s command roll a d10 as the Wild Die instead of a d6 when making group rolls.
Natural Leader
Requirements: Novice, Command, Spirit d8+
This Edge signifies a special link between a leader and his men. With it, he may share his Bennies with any troops under his command.
Rank (NCO or officer)
Requirements: Novice, Smarts d6+, MOS qualified
Noncommissioned officers (sergeants) and regular officers (lieutenants and higher) get to order subordinates around, but are also the ones held responsible for the success or failure of their men and their mission. They know the thrill of watching a plan come together, and the agony of watching one fall apart.
In Weird Wars, the Rank Edge allows NCOs and officers to command others, but this is a double-edged sword that grants few benefits. To compensate, characters who purchase this Edge get an additional benefit as well. (Non-player characters and those who achieve the rank during play do not get these additional abilities.)
NCOs are the backbone of their units, and must be tougher, stronger, and more resilient than those they lead. Noncoms with the Rank (NCO) Edge add + 2 to their base Toughness to reflect their hard-bitten nature.
The character’s military rank is the lowest for an NCO in his particular service branch (a sergeant in the US Army, for example).
Officers are there to inspire and lead, and should definitely concentrate on Leadership Edges as they advance. To help them get there, officers gain an additional benny per game session, and may always spend that benny on those under their command. (An officer with the Common Bond Edge can grant a benny to anyone—not just those under his command.)
Upon taking this Edge, the character’s military rank becomes the lowest for an officer in his particular service branch (usually 2nd Lieutenant or the equivalent of O–1).
Tactical Command: Note that though NCOs and officers may give the orders, tactical control of Extras should still be split up among the players as usual. This ensures everyone gets to play and doesn’t overburden one or two players while the rest slowly wait for their turn. Remember that this is still Savage Worlds, and the action should still be fast and furious.
Russian Commissars: Though they follow the normal Rank structure, Commissars are responsible for morale (and rooting out traitors) rather than tactical command. Instead of the extra benny, Commissar officers add + 2 to Intimidate rolls, and all friendly troops within 5” add + 1 to resist fear and recover from being Shaken.
Requirements: Seasoned, Command, Wild Card, Smarts d8+, Knowledge (Battle) d6+
The leader has a natural grasp of small unit tactics and can frequently take advantage of a rapidly changing situation.
At the beginning of a fight and before any Action Cards are dealt, the hero makes a Knowledge (Battle) roll. For each success and raise he receives one Action Card. These are kept separate from his regular Action Cards and are not placed back into the deck until used or the combat ends (including Jokers!). At the start of any round, the hero may give one or more of these extra cards to his allies, whether Extras or Wild Cards, who then use it as their Action Card for the round in place of the one dealt them. This allows Extras to operate independently of Wild Card characters for one round if they receive their own card.
Only one character per encounter may use this Edge.

Professional Edges

Professional Edges are very special abilities that reflect many years of practicing a particular trade. In some cases they may also represent special blessings from higher powers as well.
These Edges help you create a character who is far more competent in his chosen field than most others. If you want to make a very effective Mad Scientist, for example, you could combine the Arcane Background (Weird Science) with the Gadgeteer and Mr. Fix It Edges.
Professional Edges represent many years of training so their Requirements are quite high. Players may purchase Professional Edges after character creation, but should usually lead up to it story-wise by practicing the affected trade during down-time or in between adventures. The time spent acquiring one of these abilities is subjective and up to the Game Master, but makes the game much more believable if a little narrative time is spent training.

  • Stacking: Bonuses to the same Trait from different Professional Edges do not stack. If you make a hero with both the Woodsman and the Thief Edges, for example, he gains + 2 to his Stealth skill, not + 4.

Requirements: Novice, Agility d8+
Aces are special pilots and drivers who feel more comfortable behind the wheel, throttle, or flight stick than on their own two feet.
Aces add + 2 to Boating, Driving, and Piloting rolls. In addition, they may also spend Bennies to make Soak rolls for any vehicle or vessel they control. This is a Boating, Driving, or Piloting roll at –2 (cancelling their usual + 2). Each success and raise negates a wound and any critical hit that would have resulted from it.
Requirements: Novice, Agility d8+, Strength d6+
Those who have formal training in the acrobatic arts or are naturally agile may take this Edge. It adds + 2 to all Agility rolls made to perform acrobatic maneuvers (including Trick maneuvers), and also adds + 1 to a character’s Parry as long as he has no encumbrance penalty.
Requirements: Novice, Arcane Background (Miracles),
Faith d8+, Fighting d8+
Adepts are holy warriors who have trained themselves to be living weapons. Some do so to be ultimate warriors; others do it in the service of a cause or deity. Their unarmed attacks do Str + d4 damage, and they are always considered armed for purposes of the Unarmed Defender rule.
In addition, upon taking this Edge and at each new Rank, they may choose to change the trappings of one of the following powers to work only on themselves but be activated as a free action: boost/lower trait, deflection, healing, smite, or speed. The Adept must have the power to begin with, and this does not allow him to activate more than one power in a round.
Requirements: Novice, Agility d8+, Climbing d6+,
Fighting d6+, Stealth d8+
Assassins are trained killers who know how to kill with deadly precision — if they can properly approach their prey. Assassins add + 2 to any damage roll where they strike a foe unawares (even with ranged attacks).
Requirements: Novice, Arcane Background (Miracles), Spirit d8+, Strength d6+, Vigor d8+, Faith d6+, Fighting d8+
Champions are holy (or unholy) men and women chosen to fight for a particular deity or religion. Most are pious souls ready and willing to lay down their lives for a greater cause, but some may have been born into the role and follow their path with some reluctance.
Champions fight the forces of darkness (or good). They add + 2 damage when attacking supernaturally evil (or good) creatures, and have + 2 Toughness when suffering damage from supernaturally evil (or good) sources, including arcane powers and the weapons, claws, teeth, etc., of such creatures.
Requirements: Novice, Agility d6+, Smarts d6+, Spirit d6+, Strength d8+, Vigor d8+, Fighting d6+, Shooting d6+, Stealth d8+
Commandos tackle the toughest missions on the front, but often operate behind enemy lines with little chance of coming home. They are almost always outnumbered and outgunned so they need to be mentally sharp to stay ahead of the enemy. This applies to British Commandos, Ghurkas, Long Range Desert Group, SAS, US Army Rangers and Marine Raiders, and other similar elite troops.
Commandos add + 2 to all Fatigue rolls made against environmental hazards (including cold and heat), sleep deprivation, foot marches, and + 2 to all Survival rolls. As much of their work involves getting close to their targets for a silent takedown, they receive a + 1 to Stealth rolls. All of these bonuses are cumulative with those derived from other Edges.
Demo Man
Requirements: Novice, Knowledge (Demolitions) d6+
This maniac is intimately familiar with all sorts of explosives, detonators, and booby-traps. He adds + 2 to all rolls made to set, disarm, or improvise explosives and booby-traps (but not Notice them). This can cover a range of abilities and skills determined by your War Master (for example ordnance disposal, bomb making, or structural demolition).
Requirements: Novice, Smarts d6+, Strength d6+, Vigor d8+, Knowledge (Demolitions) d6+, Swimming d8+
Navy frogmen are highly skilled, tough, and motivated. Their primary job is underwater demolitions. Whether their targets are beach obstacles, mines, or enemy ships, frogmen can defuse, remove, or blow them sky high. When supporting beach landings, they make maps, do hydrographic surveys, and prepare obstacles for demolition so that the beach is clear as possible for the main landing force. They may also find themselves planting explosives on ships at anchor in enemy harbors. Their training is as rigorous as any commando.
Swimming rolls for frogmen are made at + 2, and Pace is improved by + 1”. These bonuses are cumulative with those offered by other Edges. Creatures with the Aquatic special ability do not get their + 2 attack bonus against Frogmen.
Requirements: Novice, Arcane Background (Weird Science), Smarts d8+, Repair d8+, Weird Science d8+, at least two other scientific Knowledge skills at d6+
These mechanical gurus are so technically savvy they can quickly build a machine to handle nearly any situation. Once per game session, a gadgeteer can create a “juryrigged” device from spare parts. The device functions just like any other Weird Science device, and uses any power available to Weird Scientists in that setting (though this is still subject to Rank restrictions). It has half the inventor’s Power Points, and once these are used up, the gadget burns out and does not recharge. The inventor must have access to some parts and a reasonable amount of time (GM’s call, but at least 1d20 minutes) to create the gizmo.
Holy/Unholy Warrior
Requirements: Novice, Arcane Background (Miracles), Spirit d8+, Faith d6+
Acolytes, clerics, paladins, holy slayers, and other avatars of the gods are frequently tasked with battling the forces of evil in the mortal world. This Edge gives them a slight advantage against such foes. As an action, a priest or other holy person may call upon his chosen deity to repulse supernaturally evil creatures, such as the undead, demons, and the like. It also works on evil characters with the Arcane Background (Miracles) Edge.
Repulsing evil costs 1 Power Point and has a range of the character’s Spirit. Targeted creatures within that range must make a Spirit roll. Failure means the creature is Shaken; a 1 means it is destroyed. Wild Cards suffer an automatic Wound instead.
A character may also be an Unholy Warrior working for the forces of evil. In this case, he repulses good creatures, such as angels, paladins, or good characters with Arcane Background (Miracles).
Requirements: Novice, Smarts d8+, Investigation d8+, Streetwise d8+
Investigators have spent a great deal of time researching ancient legends, working the streets, or deducing devilish mysteries. Some of these heroes are actual Private Investigators for hire while others may be sleuthing mages in a fantasy world or perhaps inquisitive college professors stumbling upon Things Man Was Not Meant to Know in the dark of night. Investigators add + 2 to Investigation and Streetwise rolls, as well as Notice rolls made to search through evidence.
Requirements: Novice, Smarts d10+
Through advanced schooling, book-learning, computer-enhanced skill programs, or just amazing intuitive perception, your hero has a talent for picking up skills on the fly. There is little he can’t figure out given a little time and a dash of luck.
Any time he makes an unskilled roll for a Smarts-based skill, he may do so at d4 instead of the usual d4–2.
Jump Qualified
Requirements: Novice
Your character has had training in the use of a parachute. He knows how to put one on, deploy it, and land without breaking his legs (usually). The Jump Qualified Edge gives your character + 2 to all rolls associated with parachuting, such as maneuvering or landing (see page 34).
Requirements: Novice, Smarts d6+, Repair d6+, Notice d8+
This character can improvise something when the need for a tool arises. He suffers no negative penalties on Trait rolls for lack of equipment in most situations. In addition, given a few simple tools, props, or devices, he can generally rig devices to help escape from death-traps, weapons to match some bizarre need, or otherwise create something that’s needed when such a thing isn’t actually present. The extent of this is completely up to the Game Master, but creativity should be rewarded, particularly in dire situations where few other answers are possible.
Mechanically Inclined
Requirements: Novice, Smarts d6+, Repair d6+
Modern warfare relies on technology. The side that can get the most out of its equipment may have a decisive advantage in battle. You intend to see to it that the winning side is your side.
Your character is good with mechanical and electronic devices, and can more easily figure out how to use and repair them. He gets a + 2 bonus to Knowledge or Repair rolls required to use, design, troubleshoot, or repair such devices (engines, radio sets, encryption devices, electrical and hydraulic systems, machinery, etc.).
Requirements: Novice, Healing d6+
A character with this Edge can get wounded soldiers up and fighting again in seconds. If the medic can get to a wounded non- Wild Card by the end of the round in which he was wounded, he can make an immediate Healing roll at –2. If the roll is successful, the victim is merely Shaken instead of wounded.
Requirements: Novice, Arcane Background (Psionics), Smarts d8+, Psionics d6+
Mentalists are masters of mind control and psionics. Some are pulp heroes, others are trained in secret government academies to root out traitors. Their frequent toying with human minds gives them a + 2 on any opposed Psionics roll, whether they are using their powers against a foe or are trying to defend against a rival Mentalist.
Mr. Fix it
Requirements: Novice, Arcane Background (Weird Science), Smarts d10+, Repair d8+, Weird Science d8+, at least two other scientific Knowledge skills at d6+
The inventor adds + 2 to Repair rolls. With a raise, he halves the time normally required to fix something. This means that if a particular Repair job already states that a raise repairs it in half the time, a Mr. Fix It could finish the job in one-quarter the time with a raise.
Requirements: Novice, d8+ in affected skill
Learned professors, devoted students, and amateur enthusiasts spend months of their lives studying particular subjects. They become experts in these fields, and rarely fail to answer questions in their particular area of expertise.
Pick any two Knowledge skills the Scholar has a d8 or better in. Add + 2 to your total whenever these skills are used. Those who study military history have a natural edge when commanding troops in Mass Battles (see page 92)—a + 2 to a Knowledge (Battle) roll can mean the difference between a rousing victory and a crushing defeat.
Requirements: Novice, Agility d8+, Climbing d6+, Lockpicking d6+, Stealth d8+
Thieves specialize in deceit, treachery, and acrobatics. They can be invaluable where traps must be detected, walls must be climbed, and locks must be picked. Thieves add + 2 to Climbing, Lockpick, Stealth, as well as Notice or Repair rolls that relate to traps and similar devices. The bonus to Stealth does not apply when the character is in a wilderness environment—only in urban areas.
Requirements: Novice, Arcane Background (Magic), Smarts d8+, Knowledge (Arcana) d8+, Spellcasting d6+
Wizards range from young apprentices to frighteningly powerful supreme sorcerers. They are often physically weak, however, and rarely have the divine powers or healing abilities of priestly spellcasters. What they lack in spiritual favor, however, they more than make up for in utility and eldritch might.
Wizards tend to learn their craft in formalized institutions or under the tutelage of experienced masters. Each raise a Wizard gets on his Spellcasting roll reduces the cost of the spell by 1 Power Point. The Wizard must have the points available to cast the spell in the first place before rolling.
Requirements: Novice, Spirit d6+, Survival d8+, Tracking d8+
Woodsmen are rangers, scouts, and hunters who are more at home in the wilderness than in urban areas. They are skilled trackers and scouts, and know how to live off the land for months at a time. Woodsmen gain +2 to Tracking, Survival, and Stealth rolls made in the wilderness (not towns, ruins, or underground).

Social Edges

Band of Brothers
Requirements: Wild Card, Veteran, Common Bond
This group of soldiers has been to Hell and back together. That kind of bond hardens men, and makes them able to better withstand wounds that might otherwise have put them out of action.
Gain + 1 Toughness for each other “brother” with this ability within 6”, to a maximum of + 4. If four heroes with the Band of Brothers Edge fight together, for instance, they each gain + 3Toughness.
Requirements: Novice, Spirit d8+
Your hero has learned how to work with others, even those who might be somewhat opposed to him or his efforts. This adds + 2 to his Charisma.
Common Bond
Requirements: Wild Card, Novice, Spirit d8+
This Edge signifies a special link between close companions— such as a typical party. It doesn’t matter whether or not the characters get along perfectly or not, they’ve just formed a close and common bond during their epic adventures. A character with this Edge may freely give his Bennies to any other Wild Card he can communicate with. This represents the character giving his verbal or spiritual support to the ally. The player should say what his character is doing to give the support. The gesture could be as complex as a rousing speech, or as simple as a knowing nod.
Requirements: Novice
Whether it’s to the Feds, the cops, the Mob, or some big corporation, your heroine knows someone on the inside— someone who is willing to lend her a hand on occasion (usually once per game session).
This Edge may be taken more than once, but each time must be applied to a different organization. The GM should also ensure the organization is limited to a single, unique organization. A hero may, for instance, have Connections (US Army), but he shouldn’t have a blanket Connections (Military).
To use a character’s Connections requires that she first get in touch with one of her contacts. This requires a Streetwise roll. Failure means the particular contact wasn’t available, their cell phone wasn’t on, or they were otherwise tied up.
Once in contact, the hero must make a Persuasion roll. The GM should feel free to modify both the Persuasion roll and any results based on the circumstances.
A failure indicates the heroine’s contacts just couldn’t come through this time, or perhaps just weren’t persuaded that their help was really necessary.
On a success, the contact might share information, but won’t do anything too risky to help. On a raise, the contact is willing to leak sensitive information, but stops short of outright betrayal.
Two or more raises means the heroine has pushed the right buttons and can count on serious help. The Connection will risk serious consequences for the heroine, and if she needs financial assistance, may provide more than he’s comfortable with. If the heroine asks for muscle, the contact delivers either one expert (a safe-cracker, wheel-man, security expert, etc.) or five average fighter-types for the contact’s particular organization (a mob boss sends five thugs, the Army sends five infantrymen, etc.).
Party Member
Requirements: Novice, Citizen of the Soviet Union
The individual is a member of the Communist Party. This is essential for anyone who wants to get ahead in the Soviet bureaucracy. Party Members gain + 2 to Charisma when dealing with other loyal party members and Soviet citizens. They also add + 2 promotion rolls. Of course, they are also often under the closest scrutiny.
Characters who “join the party” in a game are appreciated, but those with the Edge are noted for their zeal and receive the benefits above. Vociferous party members also get occasional perks such as extra rations, vodka, or uniforms. Those who bring others into the party may receive more lucrative rewards.
Requirements: Novice, Smarts d6+, Streetwise d6+
Wars and the associated chaos that go with them often bring out unusual traits in people, both good and bad. Some seem to have an uncanny ability to find just what they’re looking for among the mountains of equipment shipped into the theater.
A consummate trader and wheeler-dealer, this soldier can find a way to acquire almost any piece of equipment or luxury item. Once per session, and while in a populated area (such as a large village or town), a successful Streetwise roll allows the Scrounger to do one of the following:
• Improve a single squad’s Ammo one level
• Acquire one “heavy” weapon with limited ammunition (such as 1d3 Molotovs, a single bazooka, PIAT, flamethrower, panzerfaust, or land mine—War Master’s choice)
• Improve one squad’s Rations one level
• Acquire 2d6 “refills” for a medic’s med pack
• Find 2d6 x $20 in easily-concealed cash or valuables
• Acquire some rare but not particularly valuable item (cigars, silk stockings, fine chocolate, a needed spare part, etc.)
Strong Willed
Requirements: Novice, Intimidation d6+, Taunt d6+
Characters with strong willpower use their voice, steely stares, or quick wits to unnerve their opponents. Strong Willed adds + 2 to a character’s Intimidation and Taunt rolls, as well as his Spirit and Smarts rolls when resisting Test of Wills attacks.

Detailed Edges

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